Release Notes 07-07-2015

The following updates have been made to the LiveEdit system.

Aurora Calendar

  • Styling improvements on front and back end
  • UI improvements on front and back end
  • Improved Mobile/Responsive views
  • Added comment notification and moderation
  • Fully editable areas for general and ticketing information (drop in links, pictures, video, and style any way you like)
  • Resolved date/time issue with the Calendar element
  • Resolved display issue with repeating or multiple day events
  • Resolved front end date-picker issue

Aurora E-mail Marketing

  • Added new stats to the email marketing page of unique clicks/unique opens on Day, Week, and Month views.

Google Analytics Integration

  • Updated to use GA Universal Analytics
  • Improved GA Validation method
  • Tracking code inserted on every page in site front-end
  • Now links all account aliases to track users across domains

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