Stations App Release Notes 11-08-2016

Station Mobile View Update

We have recently released an update for our Stations App that significantly improves the mobile booking experience. While booking a station on mobile, clients will now be presented a list of each station. From this list, clients will be able to quickly select the station they wish to reserve. 

If clients need to see the layout to reference where the station is located, the 'View Layout' button will bring up the full layout view. While viewing the full layout, clients will be able to close out and go back to the list view. 

With this update, we also released improvements to the overall styling of the confirmation and sign-up success screens for the desktop booking experience. 

Here is a quick look at the new Stations mobile view: 




Our next upcoming update for our Stations App is focused on improving the back-end experience of managing reservations. This update is currently in BETA. To learn more about this update, please see here:

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