LiveEdit System Status Update

Some LiveEdit subscribers may be experiencing issues with loading applications on their LiveEdit website, such as any MINDBODY integrations or any IIN applications such as IIN Forms or the IIN Recipe App.  We are working to diagnose the problem and restore systems to full functionality as soon as possible.

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UPDATE 4:45 PM:  MINDBODY is currently experiencing issues with their API services which is effecting any partner systems such as LiveEdit websites.  As a result, all MINDBODY integrations (including Stations) and all IIN related applications may be experiencing loading issues.  MINDBODY is working to resolve the issue and we are closely monitoring the situation and will provide any updates as soon as we have them.  MINDBODY's official notice can be found here:

UPDATE 7:13 PM:  All issues have been resolved and  all applications should be running normally once again.

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