Dashboard View for clients.  

The member view is broken out into the member's tabs which are Dashboard, Class Performance, Leaderboards, Settings, and sending stats via email.The member's view will also include the "workouts" tab. The workouts tab is exclusive to "Work out of the day". Press "Work out of the day" on the menu to the right if there is any key information you need from the "workouts" tab.

Initial Setup 

To set up a myStats account, clients must first login to the myStats application ( /apps/mystats/dashboard ). When logging in, make sure they are logging in with their current Mindbody Account. 

After signing in, the fields First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Weight, Gender and alias need to be filled out. Filling out the Alias will be the way your name will be listed on all of the information in the MyStats App. 

After the account is created, it will be automatically linked to their Mindbody Account. They will be using their Mindbody login to access the myStats section moving forward. 

Note: LiveEdit or Mindbody admin accounts are not supported for the creation of a myStats account. Please use a different email address than your Mindbody or LiveEdit email address when creating a myStats account. 


 The general layout of the Dashboard includes.

  • Personal Best: lists the top three measured categories. The listing includes the category, high number of that category, and a link to the class. At the bottom right hand corner of "Personal Best" is the Share button for social media sharing.
  • Log Book: The Logbook section allows for a date and weight to be entered. Adjusting a members weight and giving it a date is important because the Performance IQ software will calculate the members statistics based on a persons weight.
  • Graphs: Each measure of Total Energy, Power, RPM, Calories, Heart Rate(% of max), Heart Rate(BPM) and Watts per Kilogram are displayed in graph form. Each graph has the "Share" button which allows for the graph to be shared on the selected social media.

When clicking the "View History" button in the logbook section, a history of the members weight will be shown.

There is a motivational quote at the bottom of the dashboard. It will appear if the MyStats administrator has quotes enabled. Also, the member needs quotes enabled in the settings tab.

*Note, when first logging into their account and they do not have any data from a Performance IQ ride, it will show "Workout of The Day" first.

Class Performance 

Class Performance links

There will be a list of classes and under each class listing is each individual class listed with a date and the instructor. If the class has been taken multiple times, there will be a continuous listing of the separate times the class was taken. Click on any of the links to access the classes stats. The classes will be listed by the newest one first.

Class Performance

Each of the eight sections lists the average of the class. The sections are: Overview, Energy, Power, RPM, Calories, HR IQ Points, Heart Rate(BPM), and Heart Rate(% of max).

All of the sections and the table have a share button which allows for the sharing of that particular information to the selected social media.


Leader board list

The "Leadership" tab lists the links of classes your are eligible to see. Click on the link to view the leaders in that class. 

leaderboar individual list

After clicking the link on the initial leader board screen, you'll be brought to a view showing the leaders of anyone taking the class you selected to view. Below the table is a toggle of All, Top 10, and Top 25 which allows for different views of the table. Also, the table can be limited by instructor by clicking on the button "All Instructors". Clicking on the "All Instructors" pops up a list of available instructors to choose, by default "All instructors" are shown.


Clicking the "Settings" link allows a member to edit the initial information provided when starting MyStats. If a member wants to hide metrics click yes on the radio button. The metrics that will be hidden are stats while the class is happening. Instead of displaying your cycle of mat there will be a dash along with dashes on all of your statistics. Lastly, You can enable or disable quotes by clicking the appropriate radio button. For any of the changes to take affect, click "Update Settings".