The Border tab allows you to place a border around the content area or region, or added rounded corners to an applied background image.




Border Style

This allows you to change the style of your border.  In order for the border to display on the page, you must first select a border color and a border width.



Dashed border style


Dotted border style



Doubled border style



Initial border style

Will set border style to the default value from the template


Inherit border style

Will set to inherit any styling from a parent object in the template (when applicable)

Note: In most cases with the templates, both Initial and Inherit will show the same as the 'none' option.



Solid border style


Border Color

To change the border color of the selected area, click the border color box.  From here you can select a preset color, or custom choose a color by using the color picker or adding in a specific color number within the color information field.




You can also select the opacity, or intensity, of the color by using the slider gauge.





Border Width

To choose a thickness for your border, type in a number or use the arrows to set the desired pixel width.



Border Radius

Border radius allows you to create rounded corners on your border.  Type in a number or use the arrows to select your desired corner styling. The larger the number, the more rounded the corner will be.