Adding Instagram to your website can be done a few different ways.

Instagram Embedding

One way is to embed an Instagram post to your website.  To do so, visit and follow the instructions to generate the HTML embed code for your post.


LightWidget is a free and responsive Instagram Widget that can be used to embed your Instagram Photos.  To get started, visit:

(Note: LightWidget's Instagram feed updates once every 24hours. Please see LightWidgets FAQs near the bottom of their page for more information.)

This code can be placed into a content area using our HTML Element. 

Log in to your website and navigate to the page where you would like to display your Instagram post.

  1. Copy the code provide by LightWidget

  2. Navigate to your LiveEdit website and Login

  3. Click'Edit to open Edit Mode.

  4. Click and drag the HTML Element it the Content Area you wish to have the widget displayed.

  5. Release the element to display a popup box. In the popup box, paste in the embed code you copied.

  6. Once pasted in, click Save changes 

  7. Refresh your page and the widget will appear.

Please Note: This is a 3rd party embed code which cannot be customized via your LiveEdit platform. As such, any questions relating to Instagram or LightWidget should be directed to their support. LiveEdit is unable to assist in the customization of third party plugins.