How can clients change their station reservation?

Stations was designed on a first-come-first-serve booking philosophy. After a reservation is placed, there are two ways a client can change their reservation:

  1. The client can changed their reservation by cancelling out of the class and signing-up again. Clients can cancel their reservation through the 'My Account' section of the website.
  2. The client can call into the studio and through the backend tools of Stations, studio owners and their front-desk staff will be able to move their bike reservation.

Does Stations work with MINDBODY Enrollment/Course?

MINDBODY Enrollments/Courses are not supported to be used with Stations at this time. Stations will only function with classes through the MINDBODY Schedule Element. 

Is Stations compatible with MINDBODY Engage App or other mobile (iOS/Android) application? 

Our Stations application is not officially supported to work with MINDBODY's Engage or other mobile apps to allow booking of specific stations. If clients place a reservation through either of these applications, they will receive an automatic station reservation through our Stations Sync Service. To learn more, please Click Here.

Can clients sign up multiple times into the same class?

Our Station application only supports a single reservation made by a MINDBODY client account into a class. 

Can clients book recurring reservations?

The ability to book recurring reservations is not supported by MINDBODY's API.

Can the Stations Sync Service be turned off?

The Stations Sync Service is a core functionality of our Stations application. This feature can not be turned off per individual website at this time. 

Under the Settings tab of Stations, there is the option to disable the sync emails that clients would automatically receive once they are placed on bike by our SYNC service. 

Can I block a station for more than one class at a time?

A station can only be blocked one class at a time. 

If you need to remove a station for a few days, such as pulling a bike off for repairs, we recommend you remove the bike from the Stations layout. Note: If you remove the bike from the Stations layouts, please make sure to adjust the total reservations slots for the class in MINDBODY Business Mode so they reflect the same amount of bikes you have set. 

Can I check-in my clients through the Stations app for MINDBODY?

Our Stations application does not include the check-in functionalities of MINDBODY Business Mode. Please use MINDBODY Business Mode or the MINDBODY Express Application to check in your clients into MINDBODY. 

Can I provide my front-desk with a login to just Stations?

In order to access the Stations application, your front desk staff will need a full admin account on your LiveEdit website. A login to just our Stations application is not available at this time. This is a feature request we are exploring to add in a future release. 

Clients are reporting they are unable to pick a bike when signing up for a class. 

Here are a few common reasons to why a client may have not been shown the ability to pick a station: 

  • A Stations reservation layout was not applied to the class at the time of the client's reservation. 
    • Anytime a new class is added in Mindbody, a Stations layout will have to be applied as they are not automatically assigned at this time.

    • With our Stations application, we assign layouts to MINDBODY classes based on their unique ID. Major changes to a scheduled class can make it seem as a new class with a new ID through the MINDBODY API, causing the layout to not be applied anymore. After making a change to a class in MINDBODY Business mode, we recommend going to the 'Classes' tab of Stations to ensure a reservation layout is applied to the class. 

  • Check to see if the client book their reservation through your LiveEdit website.  
    • The ability to reserve a specific stations is only available through your LiveEdit site. When a reservation is placed through an external MINDBODY view (MINDBODY Consumer Mode, MINDBODY Business Mode, MINDBODY Connect App, Class Pass, or Scan Tags), clients will not be presented the ability to pick a station. Instead, they will receive reservation through our Stations Sync Service.

  • Check to see what browser and version the client was using. Using an out-dating browser may lead to the inability to properly place a Stations reservation. To learn more about what browser are supported for our platform, please Click Here.

  • If none of these factors appear to be the case, please contact our support team by submitting a ticket here.