At the bottom of every email marketing campaign sent, an unsubscribe link will appear. After clicking on this link, clients will be brought to a page within your website to select the list(s) they wish to unsubscribe from and click the 'Unsubscribe' button (see image below). Clients will be shown a confirmation message once removed.

Note: When naming an email marketing list, please keep in mind that clients will see the name when unsubscribing.

Common Questions

Why are unsubscribed clients still on my email list?
After a client has unsubscribed, they will remain on the list but be marked as 'Unsubscribed'. Clients are left on the list so they can not be added back to the list as subscribed and receive emails again.  Below is how a client's email address will appear once unsubscribed.

Clients are reporting an error when trying to unsubscribe from the MINDBODY list?

Due to limitations in MINDBODY's API, if a user's MINDBODY account is flagged as incomplete they will be unable to unsubscribe from the email using the unsubscribe button. (To learn more about complete MINDBODY accounts, please click here.) If that happens they will get an error message that gives an alternate way to unsubscribe by logging into their account. Here is an example of how this error message can appear. 

Clients can also be manually removed from the email marketing list be navigating to their account in MINDBODY Business Mode. Once you have the account open, click on Profile. In here, there will be a tab called Email/Login in which you can uncheck the email marketing list. 


Alternatively, if you import your MINDBODY list into LiveEdit, the unsubscribe function will work without any issues.  If you want to go that route, the following guides will walk you through exporting your MINDBODY list and importing it into LiveEdit: